Available courses

Course image RISC-V Processor Design

This course will be used to consolidate the learning resources that our trainees had been using for their processor design project. Future trainees will find all learning materials, videos, worksheets etc at one place.

Course image Guidelines for One-on-One meetings

This course has 3 artifacts for conducting one on one meetings. 

1. A set of slides that explains the purpose, principle and behaviors in One-on-One meetings. 

2. When a person is assigned to a manager, their first meeting should be an introductory meeting, it should not be classified as a One-on-One meeting.  A checklist in this course shows what is to be covered in this introductory meeting. 

3. For doing a one-on-one meeting, managers should use the worksheet that has been provided and improvise as per your project and resource, while ensuring that the core structure remains in place (growth, commitment, alignment)